My Projects

During my time exploring the internet, I made (or contributed to) a lot of things. These are some of them, in no particular order.


The Living Grid (2021)

A procedural and fully deterministic playground inspired by Game of Life, written in JavaScript over the course of one very long night.

You can press a key
See what that does to your world
Then go and repeat

MTG Price Checker (2020)

Tool to assist building decks in Magic: The Gathering. Compares prices of individual cards between Czech card resellers to optimize your purchase price.


Process Administrator (2015)

An attempt to create a "swiss army knife" for reverse engineering. Provides control over processes and services running on Windows, analyzes PE files and extracts information, metadata and resources, and contains various other functionality useful for reverse engineering.


Randio (2017)

A procedurally generated pixel platformer that was never quite finished.

Not Enough Holes game series (2012-2015)

A series of puzzle games that originally started as tabletop and later evolved into the digital realm.
Made in collaboration with Aslanex.